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Robert Schalkenbach Foundation The Robert Schalkenbach Foundation is the preeminent publisher of Henry George and of writers on Georgist topics.

Henry George.
   Progress and Poverty and other works on the Schalkenbach website
   Henry George Papers at the New York Public Library

Modern Authors:

  • Robert Andelson
  • Mary (Polly) Cleveland
  • Jeffrey Cohen
  • Fred Foldvary
  • Mason Gaffney
  • Andrew Haughwout
  • Donald Shoup
  • Robert Andelson. The late Robert Andelson (Auburn University AL) edited several important collections including Commons without Tragedy, From Wasteland to Promised Land, Land Value Taxation Around the World, 2nd Ed, and Critics of Henry George, 2nd Ed., available from the Schalkenbach Foundation.   Link to Robert Andelson works on Schalkenbach site.

    Mary (Polly) Cleveland has developed models showing how wealth inequality reduces economic productivity and growth. Her website is

    Jeffrey Cohen. Jeff Cohen is Associate Professor of Economics at University of Hartford, CT. His website is See especially a review of LVT (with Cletus Coughlin) on the web of the St. Louis Fed: "An Introduction to Two-Rate Taxation of Land and Buildings"

    Fred Foldvary. Fred Folvary is Lecturer in Economics at Santa Clara University. He writes on reconciling Georgist and Libertarian ideas. His website is:

    Mason Gaffney. Mason Gaffney (UC Riverside, CA) has published extensively on George and implications of George's ideas. He has also constructively critqued the Georgist framework, supplying a coherent capital theory to account for land market failure.
      Mason Gaffney's website at
      Mason Gaffney works on Schalkenbach website

    Andrew Haughwout Andrew Haughwout is Research Officer at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, He has created a general equilibrium model of New York City, showing a great reduction in deadweight loss from a shift to land value taxation: (draft).

    Donald Shoup. Donald Shoup is Professor of Urban Planning at UCLA. He has focused his research on public finance, transportation, and the land market. His website is See especially "The Ideal Source of Public Revenue."


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